• Comparison iPad Retina Display with Kindle FireHD
    Comparison iPad Retina Display & Kindle Fire HD

    Amazon recently launched a new ad for the Kindle Fire HD 8.9. In the ad, Amazon compares their tablet screens, the iPad Retina Display. With the video, we can see the difference between the two tablet with  high definitiion screen. As we know, the iPad Retina Display is more expensive than the Kindle Fire HD. [...]

  • Transparent iPad Concept by Ricardo Afonso
    iPad in the future will be transparent ?

    Transparent gadgets seems to be everyone’s dream in the future, as well as the artist named Ricardo Afonso. In a his video uploaded on YouTube, he introduced the concept of the design of the iPad that has a transparent body. Ricardo seems to pour his imagination for ipad in the future, but Apple itself until [...]

  • Microsoft reportedly will launch Surface Windows 8 Pro on February 9, 2013.
    Microsoft Surface Windows 8 Pro – Overview

    Once rumored to be gliding on 9 February, is now to further draw the attention of the outside community, Microsoft has released the first video of the new tablet, Surface Windows 8 Pro. In this video depicted a group of workers in a company that is working separately with the help of the sophistication of [...]

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Ubuntu Smartphone reportedly will be launched in October 2013

Ubuntu Smartphones Launching in October 2013 ?

Now in the market there is a wide choice of smartphone operating systems ranging from Android, iOS, BlackBerry 10, until Windows Phone 8. Even Mozilla a famous as the most popular browser has released a Firefox OS Phones which is now being in the stage of testing by developers. And now Linux also ready to [...]

Offline Siri reportedly will embedded on the successor of the iPhone 5, iPhone 5S

iPhone 5S will come with Offline Siri ?

After a hot issue in this year that Apple is rumored to be producing smartphones successor of the previous version, the iPhone 5S. And now comes also a new rumor that discusses about the features that will be embedded in this iPhone. As recent news has spread in cyberspace, that there are some interesting features. If you are interested in epoxy set inc you need to visit this .

Acer will introduce Acer Liquid C1 with Intel Atom Processor

Acer will introduce Acer Liquid C1

Some days there are hot news said that Acer with Intel Corporation will soon introduce the new smartphones with Intel Atom processor. Phones that called Acer Liquid C1 will be destined for markets in the Asia Pacific region. Reportedly, Acer Liquid C1 will be introduced in the Mobile Expo promotional event which will run from [...]

Portable Handheld PC Gaming | NVIDIA Project Shield

Nvidia will soon bring Android gaming console

Currently, the Android platform can also be regarded as a storehouse game. Different types of games either free or paid can be found in the Google Play Store. Seeing the rapid opportunity, not wrong if the Nvidia will present the control sticks are equipped 5-inch 720p retinal multi-touch display with integrated speakers, certainly very attractive in [...]

iPad retina Display comes with 128 GB Internal Memory

iPad Retina Display 128 GB Release in February

Apple recently introduced their mainstay tablet with a larger capacity, that is iPad Retina Display with an internal memory of 128 GB. If true will be launched, this new iPad will certainly crowned as the first tablet with a giant memory. iPad Retina Display 4th generation is reportedly available in February. The capacity of 128 [...]

Blackberry 10 launch rumored to be delayed for several hours.

BlackBerry 10 launch will be delayed a few hours

Attention smartphone industry will certainly focused to New York City on January 30, 2013 which is the day of the launch Blackberry 10 by Research In Motion (RIM). However, the planned launch which is scheduled to be held at 09:00 am will likely be postponed to 10:00 am New York time. As reported by CrackBerry, [...]

Nokia is now reportedly to be launching Windows Phone PureView in this year

Nokia will soon launch PureView Windows Phone

Some time ago the news was quoted from The Verge says that Nokia will present PureView Windows Phone, codenamed ‘EOS’. Material used in this smartphone is polycarbonate aluminum wrap. As we know about the product before, PureView 808 is a smartphone that has the world’s largest camera sensor of 41MP. With this feature, users can [...]